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Today was pretty much one of those days. You know the ones. Where you wake up much earlier than your body wants to simply because your brain and body are somewhat out of sync. I squirmed around in the softness of the silky feeling sheets, but no amount of tired body bribing could convince my brain to shut back down. So I got up and allowed for the hot streams of water to caress my still sleeping muscles and attempt to convince them that they should wake up. They refused, which, as you know, makes a shampoo job seem more like a cat washing affair in all the trouble it is.

When you have a day like this the brain, which was the root of this whole ordeal, stays awake until your body begins to respond and then steps back out for a cat nap leaving you with a dreary feeling. Nice trick if you ask me. Wake up just enough to leave your victim feeling strung out. It's at these moments that I appreciate the elixir of life. That dark stream of richness which promises to beat some sense into that awful organ who had the indecency to leave you in the situation which you have, ponderously, found yourself in.

A cup (or three) of God's sure sign he's still thinking of me and I surveyed the damage. See I reside in a domicile filled with destructive forces with black holes where stomachs should be. The morning routine? Carelessly dump toys in the walking path of the mindless zombie who will be roused from her precious sleep to stumble into the kitchen in hopes of a cure....sound familiar? If not allow me to expound: zombies are not generally assosciated with pleasant heart and flower type thoughts. More along the lines of monstrous and avoid at all costs type thoughts. Do destructive forces follow these rules? Most certainly not! They enrage it with sharp toys placed in, what I believe are, carefully chosen places to maximize damage. Actually when I think about it it's quite brilliant...

This morning was particularly tiresome since we were supposed to be entertaining guests. So I am standing there with my three incredible wound up, hyped up, loud and obnoxious bundles of joy (whoever came up with that saying has never been up at three in the AM with a leech carelessly tearing at a teat that has about nothing in common with a cows and therefore is swollen, sore, and quite indignant said bundle of joy) and thinking.....oh boy it's going to be one of those days.
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  1. Alea Says:

    LOL! I have had a few too many of those days! I have come to consider the toys strewn throughout the house as a cheap burgler alarm. :-)

  2. Hey! That's perfect - I always say it's all about perspective. Thanks for the paradigm check - have a fab day for sure!

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