Mommy Does
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Mommy Does
Who is Coffee part 1
The dark liquid pours into a cup
The seething, churning cauldron
A roast as rich as night's corrupt
A lustful brew most like it's chosen

A hand that caresses the mocha
Is sinful as the cocoa it's made of
Creamy as thighs he spoke of
Daring as journeys forbade from

A latte is bitter- frustration it cries
Froth and foam form and fight
Seething dies into stolen sighs
A liquid strength of iron might

Desire: Who is Coffee part 2
The will of the follower
Broken at day and broken at night
A caffeine hold upon the brawler
A hold that tests resolves might

The morning light grips her head
The strongest brew grasps her heart
The demon inside demands to be fed
She and her cup are never apart

Though her adventure lies
In steamy nights and frothy ties
Lustful beans are all she spies
As seductively pursed lip implies

No lover knows her in ways like Joe
Her manic eyes say it all
This depth of darkness always flows
Her answer will always be to his call

Treachery: Who is Coffee part 3
Tea once tried to come between
His good nature questioned her will
Rooibos, black, and even green
He somehow lacked Joe’s deep thrill

The innocence: so light, so pure
Thought to stir away her madness
His sweet touch just could not lure
The addictions depth left her breathless

Her night’s passion lies too deep
The mocha, the latte, the need
The coffee is balanced, bitter and steep
The darkness’ penetrating seed