Mommy Does

So I am embarking on a new get the grocery budget under control! Money Saving Mom has some pretty amazing ideas and so here's to my first freezer meal:

I did a batch of taquitos - simply shredded two chicken breasts, poured in enough Lawry's Mexican and Chile marinade to evenly coat and be sightly saucy (ONLY SLIGHTLY), did the corn tortillas in hot oil to soften them for rolling (medium heat - then put the tortilla in and quickly flip it 3-4 times with a pair of tongs - no longer then 10 seconds), put filling in, rolled and assembled in container.

My container is stoneware - DO NOT PUT STONEWARE INTO FREEZER! While, yes, it is techinically safe stoneware can crack when going from one temperature extreme to another. I assembled the food on aluminum like Money Saving Mom suggested then lifted out to a tempered glass board and put it in the freezer. This is my first run, but I already feel prepared for a night where I don't feel like cooking.

Simply take taquitos, place in dish, top with cheese and bake for 25 min. at 350 degrees. Allow to cool for about 10 min., top with sour cream and salsa and dig in! I am so excited!!!