Mommy Does
So on Money Saving Mom (one of my favorite blogs) there was a blog about freezer day. I feel inspired, but she referred to a site. When I got there I nearly clicked away but in the maze of a site lies a true gem! I will be following the 31 day guide to getting a grip on my home. I am notoriously disorganized, messy and attracted to, well, the overwhelming sense of never being able to find anything...maybe it's the adrenaline that one gets from a horror movie only put me in the victim's spot and give the tormentor some catchy phrase like, "You have to go get diapers since your son filled his with a biologic weapon of mass destruction and it was the last one but you can't find your license or debit card....and I'll never tell you where it is!!!" Probably should throw in a creepy voice and maybe a twisted laugh.

At any rate a new chapter in my life has opened and we are moving into a bigger place which means, you guessed it, more room to create chaos in! So here we go people...Flylady I hope you're everything everyone claims you are!