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It's a race against the clock! I sewed the other pair of pants for my twin nephews but have to wait for the applique to dry so I can iron it on. Yay for progress!!! I will get some pictures up in a bit along with a super quick tutorial on how to sew your own pants and finish up the seams without a reamer (it's so easy you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it first....or laugh that someone had to tell me about). At any rate it's a race against Christmas to be finished in time - wish me the best!
Mommy Does
Well I've been into this whole taggie thing and I saw a really cute triangle taggie with a link-a-doo:
Think I could make something like that? Trying to plan it out. In the meantime I will probably make the taggie block for my sister's baby. I know, I know the pants need to be finished at SOME point.
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Ok so I didn't sew pants today - that will be happening tomorrow methinks. Instead I made a taggie block to match the monster taggie I made yesterday! Ultra cute, ultra plush, and ultra taggie. I just love making these! Now if only one of my dear friend's would have a girl...for anyone curious on how to make their own combine the taggie post with this tutorial and viola!

Another view - I sewed ribbon across the blue because I had two solid colors and one print so it was my way of jazzing it up. The orange is flannel, the blue is a slightly stretchy satin, and the monster is anti-pill fleece.

A little closer look. I sew over the ribbon areas at least three times for the extra hard tugs little one give loved items.
Mommy Does
In case you haven't guessed I learned to sew recently which has led to a whole new crafting addiction. Just what I needed right? Anyhow I've set out to sew pants for all my little nephews with matching drawstring bags. I've bought light weight flannel and started on some but I still have quite a few to go. Later I'll post pictures on how to make these easy and the finished result.
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So my dear friend Frankie walks in and sees the taggie I posted previously and tells me she's been looking everywhere for a taggie and could I possibly make her one? I said yes, but she still felt the need to bribe me with the leftover materials and really what self respecting crafter could say no to such a proposition? ....even though I had already said yes....well you know how it goes. Anyhow we hit Joann's and she picked out some fun fabric, LOTS of ribbon, and asked for a 12x18 instead of 12x12. Easy, easy!

The materials used were ribbons cut into 5 in. lengths of varying sizes and textures, a stretchy satin back and monster print anti-pill fleece for the front. Why all the different things? Sensory items are perfect for little guys and gals!

Ribbon and LOTS of it. I take the thinner pieces and clip two together with either an office clamp or pin them with a safety pin before sewing them into the taggie. Makes for a double the texture and fun! The squiggly one there is felt.

Details of the ribbons. These are so fun and easy to make - plus it's pretty fantastic to have leftovers to make more!!! Another thing my dear friend pointed out is that the scraps bin that is clearanced is a perfect place to locate pieces big enough for taggies at deeply discounted prices so you can score some very expensive fabrics for that special little one. Have fun!
Mommy Does
To make up my own things but I'm going to start updating with my day to day activities in creativity. What I'm making today is something of a surprise but I will post the tutorial and finished product tomorrow!

And now it's tomorrow so here's some pictures of the fantastic tutorial the Money Saving Mom posted by I Can Teach My Child. Please click over for the tutorial and to browse around as she has some fantastic ideas/crafts/family activities. At any rate mine took longer then an hour because of the thick and very fuzzy fabric (if you are a beginner I suggest starting with something with less tendency to jam your machine and that won't fray as easily).

This is some of the materials I used. The mommy this is for is doing a forest animal theme and LOVES owls. I couldn't find material with forest so I had to settle for safari with owl ribbon.

This is a close-up of the oh so adorable owl ribbon I found! Isn't it delightful?? Another detail I put into mine which differs from the original is that I found some thinner ribbons and put them together for an altogether different texture. To sew them in I clamped them together with a small office supply clamp then pinned them in.

And here's how they came out! Such a fun project and great for showers or your own little one. I intend to make one for my baby.