Mommy Does
I thought I might kick this off with a little humor. My son is five and has discovered, well, what makes him a boy. He loves to walk around the house and let everyone within earshot know just what it is that makes him different.

So here I will split into two stories. Both are equally hilarious and both involve my sons newfound obsession with his....boyhood.

A bit ago I was in the kitchen doing something completely unheard of and actually putting dishes away when my curious boy shouts to me to come and see his newest Transformers creation. Innoncent mind and curious heart I wander to the next room to see his latest and greatest built from bulky duplo blocks. He usually has to explain his ingenious schematics since my feeble parent mind can't quite see his vision correctly. So I follow him around on his anatomy lesson for Optimus Prime. When we reach the blue blocks protuding straight off the front he proclaims quite proudly, "and this is Optimus Prime's penis! It's just like mine mom!" Oh boy...

To continue this saga we enter Target on a totally benign mission to obtain prices on sheet sets for my sons youngest brothers new bed. Little did I know what lie in wait for me...We wander down aisles with no one in sight save the ocassional person who was usually leaving the other end. Finally I stop to look at a price tag and my son charges up to an assosciate and announces, "I'm a big boy and big boy's have a penis. Mine is a big penis!" She laughed and told me she had a son who was also fanatical about his new favorite part. Face that matches the rose red towels I hurriedly herd him and sister away while begging God to open the ground and swallow me up.

So gals when you ask when does it begin I answer you with....way too early and way too loudly!

I will post a picture of his creation when I get a chance *winks*. This blog is for you ConstantlyUndone.
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