Mommy Does
everything unholy! Seems a little extreme right? Wrong! I began week three of this lovely term with this unbelievably cruel class and high hopes. By Sunday I was a miserable, sobbing heap with a husband who shielded the children from various flying objects that varied from calculators to notebooks with what appears to be a foreign language scribbled all over them. Oh dear God help us all! Just take a look:

If you screamed in terror I must apologize for shocking you with that horrifying image. Now the book starts out with "This is not a math course..." WTF?!?! Am I the only one that sees math symbols ALL OVER THOSE PAGES?? If it's not a math class then what is it? To solve one problem....ONE....takes about 2-3 pages of notations. Ok now if that isn't math I just don't know what is. The best part? If you are off by one digit the answer is wrong. So my wonderfully, stressful Sunday where my family feared for their very lives....did it end fruitfully with a finished assignment? Oh no - no it did not. It ended with a C. Moral of the, drink, live long, prosper - hopefully without a statistics class!

P.S. I had actually spent hours the entire week trying to do this all just boiled over on Sunday!
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