Mommy Does
I have about 8 hundred million things to do (btw that is my default exaggeration number). Woke up to ANOTHER overflowed diaper. Seriously?? This peanut goes to bed in a dry diaper and wakes up with it overflowed....I just don't get it. The litter box desperately needs changed. Quizzes, critiques, posts and assignments (actually have a cool one this week!). But you know what I really want to do? Get curled up on the couch with my princess and make jewelry while sipping hot chocolate. Doesn't that sound sublime? Well I could throw a fit or realize I'm an adult. So I'm off to conque....wait a minute! I'm an adult!


"Yes, mom?"

"Wanna blow off life and make pretties" (she's three so give me a break).

*Excited voice* "Yeah!"

Well it's decided then! Later peeps!
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