Mommy Does
So it's been crazy over here - I graduate college in two weeks....two weeks!! Mister mister is mommy clingy to the max so entering the workforce will involve a lot of tears. That's always tough. Some snippets:

"Mom you are my girl and I am your boy."
"Mom I am the vulture and you are the boss."
"When I grow up I'm going to be bigger than dad."
"Then I'll break it so you can't play with it either!"

"Our nap will be this big right?" *Holds fingers up about a cm apart*
"I wish you were a bug so I could squish you!"
"What? He's my brother?!"
"But I didn't do it, fox did it." *While holding up his stuffed fox*

"I don't like fire - I like cupcakes!"
"Oh but I am that cute mom."
"Earring are pretties just for me cause I am not a boy."
"Gabriel's name is penis!" *Exclaimed in a parking lot*

"Mama" *said with smooshed mad face*
"Dada" *see above*

This year is turning out to be....interesting.
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  1. Your kids crack me up! Soooo where are the fourth of july pics?

  2. I'll work on them here in a bit - little editing needs done and then I'll upload to either flickr or picasa and send you the link.

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