Mommy Does
Who says a cheap date isn't fun....and jam-packed with deals? If you shop right, print coupons and sign up for eclubs it's simply amazing how the freebies piles up!

We started our date at Orange Julius with a BOGO - two big smoothies for the price of one! We ate food court style which cut our meal cost in half...and left us nearly overly full at that. Top that off with some caffeine with another BOGO on granitas from The Human Bean (delish!) Lastly, to round out our date we went to a movie. This is the part that usually costs and arm and a leg. But using a Fandango promotion we got tickets to The Socerer's Apprentice guessed it....BOGO! Our entire date cost approximately 35 bucks. For a movie, four drinks, and a meal that is a cheap date on a deal. Oh yeah!
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