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Ok so I didn't sew pants today - that will be happening tomorrow methinks. Instead I made a taggie block to match the monster taggie I made yesterday! Ultra cute, ultra plush, and ultra taggie. I just love making these! Now if only one of my dear friend's would have a girl...for anyone curious on how to make their own combine the taggie post with this tutorial and viola!

Another view - I sewed ribbon across the blue because I had two solid colors and one print so it was my way of jazzing it up. The orange is flannel, the blue is a slightly stretchy satin, and the monster is anti-pill fleece.

A little closer look. I sew over the ribbon areas at least three times for the extra hard tugs little one give loved items.
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  1. Tabitha Says:

    Love this idea! A block and blankie would make an even better gift. I do have another to make and for a girl! I am so excited. Thanks for sharing this. You are on a roll with these. I will be sewing pants too (how funny), can't wait to see what you have created. Great idea, I was having a hard time coming up with something for my 1 nephew.

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