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To make up my own things but I'm going to start updating with my day to day activities in creativity. What I'm making today is something of a surprise but I will post the tutorial and finished product tomorrow!

And now it's tomorrow so here's some pictures of the fantastic tutorial the Money Saving Mom posted by I Can Teach My Child. Please click over for the tutorial and to browse around as she has some fantastic ideas/crafts/family activities. At any rate mine took longer then an hour because of the thick and very fuzzy fabric (if you are a beginner I suggest starting with something with less tendency to jam your machine and that won't fray as easily).

This is some of the materials I used. The mommy this is for is doing a forest animal theme and LOVES owls. I couldn't find material with forest so I had to settle for safari with owl ribbon.

This is a close-up of the oh so adorable owl ribbon I found! Isn't it delightful?? Another detail I put into mine which differs from the original is that I found some thinner ribbons and put them together for an altogether different texture. To sew them in I clamped them together with a small office supply clamp then pinned them in.

And here's how they came out! Such a fun project and great for showers or your own little one. I intend to make one for my baby.
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