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So my dear friend Frankie walks in and sees the taggie I posted previously and tells me she's been looking everywhere for a taggie and could I possibly make her one? I said yes, but she still felt the need to bribe me with the leftover materials and really what self respecting crafter could say no to such a proposition? ....even though I had already said yes....well you know how it goes. Anyhow we hit Joann's and she picked out some fun fabric, LOTS of ribbon, and asked for a 12x18 instead of 12x12. Easy, easy!

The materials used were ribbons cut into 5 in. lengths of varying sizes and textures, a stretchy satin back and monster print anti-pill fleece for the front. Why all the different things? Sensory items are perfect for little guys and gals!

Ribbon and LOTS of it. I take the thinner pieces and clip two together with either an office clamp or pin them with a safety pin before sewing them into the taggie. Makes for a double the texture and fun! The squiggly one there is felt.

Details of the ribbons. These are so fun and easy to make - plus it's pretty fantastic to have leftovers to make more!!! Another thing my dear friend pointed out is that the scraps bin that is clearanced is a perfect place to locate pieces big enough for taggies at deeply discounted prices so you can score some very expensive fabrics for that special little one. Have fun!
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